Does becoming a spiritual warrior start with a mirror and an open heart?

Recently on “The Catholic Gentleman,” podcast hosts John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt unpack the often-misunderstood concept of self-love and its vital role in spiritual warfare.

Although self-love could be mistaken for selfishness, the gentlemen shed light on its real meaning: the cornerstone for being able to love others and God fully.

"The true warrior fights and sacrifices for that which he loves, but he cannot love properly if he does not love himself," Schadt says.

However, the path of the spiritual warrior is not without its challenges. There is a fine line to maintaining the balance of our warrior and lover archetypes in spiritual warfare.

"Balance is key - on one side lies ambition and on the other, passivity. Striving for the virtuous middle ground is the essence of being a good man and a true lover," Schadt adds. 

The guys explain how understanding and valuing oneself can empower men to become competent spiritual warriors in their communities and families. Embracing one's worth is not about ego or pride; rather, it's recognizing the unique role each man plays in God's plan.

"Our ultimate archetype--our ultimate pattern--is Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate pattern of what it means to be human," Sam explains.

The gentlemen say self-love equips us to connect more deeply with our faith, families, and communities. By reframing our understanding and learning self-love, we can embrace the fullness of being made in God’s image. What a beautiful message!

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart... this command emphasizes that the heart, not the mind or strength, is central in our relationship with the Divine.”

Watch below:

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Let’s pray that we love ourselves so that we may love others!

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