Could true friendship be the best help for sailing through life’s spiritual seas?

In this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt discuss the often overlooked role of friendship in Catholic spirituality and the profound impact it can have!

The gentlemen believe there is a transformative power to friendship. Pointing to biblical examples, the likes of David and Jonathan, and the Apostle John's relationship with Christ, Sam says these examples underscore the depth and sanctity possible in friendship.

“Nothing changes the world better than genuine friendship," he says.

Sam then suggests these relationships are not just beneficial but essential for spiritual growth, because “the heart of the Gospel... comes down to love - love of God and love of neighbor."

Catholics today might be struggling to form these types of relationships, however, especially in our society today that cares little for deep, heart-centered connections. The gentlemen say the challenges we face in being open with one another are rooted in societal expectations, fear of vulnerability, and misconceptions about what friendship really is.

Despite this, forgiveness, humility, and willingness to mirror Christ's example by connecting with people from all walks of life remain an utmost necessity in friendship.

"Forgiveness is the condition of all relationships; you cannot be in a relationship unless you're capable of forgiveness,” Sam says.

The gentlemen offer some practical advice to start nurturing these types of friends, stressing the importance of shared experiences, sacrifice, and continual gratefulness.

"A good friend should seek virtue, be self-possessed, and have a relationship with God,” Devin says.

He also stresses the importance of prayer and being proactive, encouraging listeners to find friendships that uplift, challenge, and bring you closer to God, because they are the ones that truly matter.

"Begin with prayer when seeking friendships," Devin says, "for God will lead you to the people He wants you to befriend.”

This episode will show you friendships are not just deeply human, but profoundly spiritual! 

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Remember, your friends help to define you, and you help to define your friends!

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