Pray for our country!

Rioters smashed the windows of St. André Bessette Catholic Church last night in downtown Portland, Oregon. Police arrested 12 people in connection to the riot. The state deployed the Oregon National Guard due to “widespread violence.”

The parish serves the homeless street population of downtown Portland.

Here’s a video below:

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Here’s photos of the smashed windows:

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Parish pastor Fr. Dan Parrish, CSC, said he “spent the evening cleaning up glass” from the smashed windows.

Here’s his post below:

@dparrishcsc, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “Spent the evening cleaning up glass from windows Antifa smashed out of our parish* in downtown Portland. Very difficult to feel forgiveness tonight, though I’ve been praying 4 unity and peace mightily this week. / *a parish whose purpose is to serve Portland’s street population.”

Here’s how some people reacted:

@HizonJon, Twitter

This user said, “Prayers lifted for you and for the perpetrators. May our Lord have mercy.”

@eyesoffaithdc, Twitter

This priest said, “We’ll offer an extra prayer and I’ll ask our daily Mass-goers to offer up an act of sacrifice to join you in your suffering today. If we can all lift up the cross we bear to our Father he WILL send us graces.”

@tshombe, Twitter

Another user said, “Thank you so much for serving in this important way, Fr. Dan. I’m sorry this happened and grateful for your commitment to lean into love and forgiveness. “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. #ComeHolySpirit”.

Pray for the United States! 🙏 📿 🙏

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