Whoa, what do you make of this?

A man in the small town of San Jose de Metan in Argentina claims that his statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been miraculously crying tears of blood – and there’s even a video of it (which you can watch below).

Frias Mendoza says Mary visited him in a dream during a recent night, and then the next day his Mary statue started crying tears of blood. The statue has since been moved to a local church.

Apparently, a very similar story was given for another statue supposedly crying blood in a different town in Argentina last year, leading some people to be skeptical of the current story.

The video, taken by an eye witness of the statue, does not at all make it clear whether the red liquid is actually blood, whether it is actually flowing from the eyes (rather than simply having been rubbed onto the face), or whether the statue has been modified to make it “cry” a red liquid by mechanical means.

So it’s hard to gauge the authenticity of this supposed miracle.

Here’s the video:

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