Talk about spiritual warfare! 😱

The Catholic Talk Show recently aired “7 Secrets Catholic Exorcists Want You to Know,” an episode exposing the devil’s devious tactics, and how to combat them.

However, YouTube removed the episode, citing a hate speech violation. The Catholic Talk Show posted a photo of the incident.

Here’s the photo:

The Catholic Talk Show, Facebook

The Catholic Talk Show writes, “Seriously!?! YouTube marked us as Hate Speech?”

The YouTube screenshot reads, “Hi The Catholic Talk Show, our team reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our hate speech policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube: Video: 7 Secrets Catholic Exorcists Want You to Know | The Catholic Talk Show.”

The Catholic Talk Show later included additional information from Slaying Dragons author Charles Fraune, the episode’s guest. Fraune said shortly after the video’s removal, Twitter “temporarily restricted” his account due to “unusual activity.”

As of this writing, the account remains suspended.

Here’s what The Catholic Talk Show wrote about the suspension:

The Catholic Talk Show, Facebook

With a link to Fraune’s recent blog post addressing this issue, The Catholic Talk Show writes, “Charles Fraune, who appeared on our recent episode on exorcism, which was labeled “Hate Speech” by YouTube, has now gotten his Twitter account suspended?!? Here’s what Charles has to say about the whole matter… I guess our episode and his book has upset ‘somebody’… or ‘something.'”

Here’s a screenshot of the suspended account:

@CharlesDFraune, Twitter

Charles Fraune writes on his website, “That’s right – the wisdom of exorcists is now ‘hate speech’!”

“Apparently, also, my new Twitter account has been temporarily restricted for ‘unusual activity.’ Hmm…interesting.

“The content of the show was all geared towards helping people understand what demons are up to so that we may all be liberated from their influence. The only ‘persons’ who should have been offended by the show were the demons.”

The Catholic Talk Show co-host Ryan Scheel gave ChurchPOP this statement regarding the incident:

“I’m fairly certain that one of two things happened: Either YouTube’s algorithm mistakenly assumed this was hateful in nature, or anti-Catholics reported it as hateful.

“I do not believe that YouTube has an active corporate anti-Catholic bias. Every social media platform we have ever worked with, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, have always been more or less reasonable.

“Any issues we have ever had were automated responses. When appealed and reviewed by an actual human, it was overturned.”

“Ultimately, all social media is the property of the companies, and they have the right to run their private businesses as they see fit.”

Click here to watch “7 Secrets Catholic Exorcists Want You to Know.”

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