These nuns are AMAZING!

The Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles took on the Mannequin Challenge as a way to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

They did a brilliant job, too!

In the live-action video, they all remain frozen, acting as if they are doing their daily duties. They did so amazingly!

What a way to have fun AND promote vocations to the religious life! (Even though promoting vocations was probably not their initial intention, it still makes religious life look so appealing!)

Watch the awesome awesome below:

Please click here If you cannot see the video.

The text of their tweet reads, “With only two days left before #Thanksgiving, we want to remind everyone to take a moment to STOP, breathe, and appreciate those around you! Wait, we didn’t mean freeze! #mannequinchallenge”

Also, don’t miss one cloister nun’s awesome apron at the 20-second mark. It says, “Keep calm and Carmel on.” So cute!

The Mannequin challenge became popular in 2016, as many people posted “frozen” live-action videos. Even Pope Francis did his own rendition of the viral challenge!

What do you think of their video?

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