This is a lot of fun!

We previously reported on rumors that the next World Youth Day would be held in Panama, though we said nothing would be official until Pope Francis actually announced who would be hosting the next WYD on Sunday.

Well, earlier today, Pope Francis made the official announcement, and WYD 2019 will be held in Panama City, Panama!

Even though most people expected it, that didn’t stop a group of young people from Panama from going crazy with excitement when they heard the news!

Here’s a video of their reaction (it’s at the very end of this video; you can hear Pope Francis say “Panama” and then they celebrate):

Praise the Lord!

The Catholic Church in Panama immediately released a video thanking Pope Francis for the honor, inviting the world to their home in 2019, and showing off some of their beautiful culture. So, despite their protestations to the contrary, they were probably pretty sure they were going to be the host country for the next WYD.

Here’s their video:

Who’s looking forward to WYD in Panama in 2019?!

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