More than a thousand Christians from various denominations, Protestant and Catholic, gathered together for a peaceful prayer service on Monday in response to a Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City that was to include a desecration of a Virgin Mary statue in the city’s civic center

“I stand here tonight with leaders and representative from many Christian denominations and faiths,” Fr. William Novak said to the crowd. “We are all brothers and sisters, unified in peace and in prayer.”

They were gathered there, the priest said, “to stand together against evil and rely upon the goodness of God, in whose image all were created. He is the source of all that is good and holy.

“We ask Him to dispel all darkness and evil of every kind in our city, nation, and the world.”

He urged the participants to pray and demonstrate peacefully: “As we walk together, let us do so peacefully and prayerfully. You are welcome to walk in silence, to pray, or even to sing out if you like. But let us be a sign of peace, unity, and faith, in the one true God, who is merciful and compassionate to all.”

The Satanic ritual was intentionally planned to coincide with the Catholic feast of the Assumption, which was also on Monday. Called “The Consumption of Mary,” the ritual was supposed to include “corrupting” a statue of the Virgin Mary with sulfur, menstrual blood, and ashes from a burned Quran.

The event was organized by Daniel Adams, leader of the local satanic Church of Ahriman. Unlike other so-called Satanists who are atheistic and use Satan as a symbol, Adams’ group does actually believe in and worship Satan. His group has hosted other Black Masses and Satanic rituals in Oklahoma City in the past.

Here’s a video of the Christian prayer event:

If the embed doesn’t work in your browser, you can watch the video here.

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