What sin sends the most people to Hell?

In this week’s episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Fr. Rich Pagano, and Ryan DellaCrosse, discuss “Sex and the Catholic Church.”

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The group also discusses how celibate priests are qualified to teach about sex, what the Bible and the Catechism actually say about sex, Pope St. Paul VI’s prophecy about the sexual revolution, why Pope St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” is so important, and what natural family planning really is.

What sin sends the most people to Hell?

After Our Lady of Fatima showed the three shepherd children (Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco) a terrifying vision of Hell, Jacinta told Lucia the sin that sends the most people to Hell.

Jacinta asked her cousin, “Lucia — do you remember how our Lady’s heart, when she showed it to us, was being pierced by thorns?”

Lucia responded, “Surely, I do…It simply means that her heart is wounded by the sins of people, and she is asking them to be sorry, and to make up for their sins, so that God will not have to punish them too much. She can’t make people be good. They must themselves want to be good.”

Jacinta later revealed that according to Our Lady, “The sins which cause most souls to go to hell are the sins of the flesh,” or sins against chastity.

Our Lady of Fatima, please pray for an increase in the virtue of purity!

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