A lot of people have been talking about Pope Francis’ uncharacteristically stern rebuke of some young people who had pulled him down on top of a disabled person.

[Watch it here: Called Out By the Pope: Francis Sternly Corrects Youth Who Pulled Him Down]

But it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.

A few years ago, back when Pope Benedict XVI was still Cardinal Ratzinger, he was approached by an ABC reporter as he was getting into a car. The reporter asked him a question, Cardinal Ratzinger said he wasn’t informed on the matter and that it was an inconvenient time to ask him anyway. When the reporter pushed the issue again, Ratzinger got visibly upset and gave the reporter a whap on his hand, before getting into a car.

Both of these instances are great reminders that our clergymen are human beings with emotions just like you and me. It can be easy to forget that.

So say a pray for our clergy!

Here’s the whap, before he tells the reporter to get lost:

StarbPuss, YouTube
StarbPuss, YouTube

And here’s the video (Ratzinger gives him the whap at 0:17):

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