This is so funny!

Fr. Dan Beeman, the pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Norfolk, Virginia,  recently tweeted a hilarious story about an encounter he had with someone on a plane.

Check out his tweet below:

@inthelineofmel, Twitter

The tweet reads, “Lady on an airplane: Father, your cologne smells so good – it is just like a Church.” / I was confused because I don’t wear cologne. And then I realized: Incense. She can smell the incense. / I’ve never been so proud.”

There were a variety of reactions to this story, most of which were positive.

This user responded, “Incense is a beautiful smell, one that calls to mind the sanctity of the space, the collective wisdom of the saints and the purity of our Lord. Little wonder then that it brings comfort to so many. May God richly bless you Father. #Catholic”

This user also responded, “After Christmas Eve Mass, I told my husband that one of the greatest things about the Church is the “smells and bells”. As a former Southern Baptist, I love the smell of the incense at Mass.”


Another user tweeted, “Why can’t I like this more than once?”

This user added, “I loooovvvee when incense is used in church.”


This user said, “Incidentally this is a genius cologne idea.”

What do you think of the story?

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