What an awesome idea! I hope more priests do this!

Fr. Ryan Hilderbrand, pastor of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Mt. Vernon, Indiana told his social media followers why he always travels in his clerics.

He said he made a promise to do this to a dying priest. He added that during one flight, he heard confessions for three hours straight!

Here’s his tweet below:

@FrHilderbrand, Twitter

His full tweet reads, “I always fly in my collar because of a promise made to a dying priest. During one layover in Atlanta, I heard confessions for about three hours straight in one of the smoking lounges. It was awesome.”

His tweet responded to Diocese of Baton Rouge priest Fr. Brad Doyle’s post, which reads, “Flying with my clerics on is one of my favorite activities, but you better be an extrovert when you do it!”

The tweet generated several responses. Here’s what some people said:

@PirrungDenise, Twitter

This user said, “Father, very touching.”


@Cesar_Dragon, Twitter

Another user said, “That’s a beautiful promise and an amazing gesture. It’s such a divine blessing to be able to give comfort and liberation to a tormented soul. Bless, you, father!”


@Maristllzard, Twitter

This user added, “What a beautiful witness for Christ. May Our Lord always watch over you and Our Lady hold you under Her mantle and protect you.”


This user added, “Thank you Father for being such a good witness! Deo Gratias.”

Yes, thank you, Fr. Hilderbrand!

St. John Vianney, please pray for our priests!

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