UPDATE: A reader says that the deer may have been placed inside the cathedral for a movie.

This is funny!

So a wild stag (male deer), big antlers and everything, somehow made its way into the Catholic Church of Saint Eustace in France recently, and someone caught it on video (you can watch it at the end of this article).

This is all a pretty big coincidence since St. Eustace is the patron saint of hunting and is often depicted with a stag!

Here’s a painting of St. Eustace having a vision of Christ amidst the antlers of the stag:

Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

If the crucifix in the midst of the antlers of the stag looks familiar, it’s because there is similar story with St. Hubertus (after whom is named the hunting club that Justice Scalia was visiting when he died).

Here’s the video of the stag in the church:

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