This is an amazing story!

The Catholic organization Paradisus Dei produced a series documenting the Mysteries of the Rosary on location in the Holy Land.

The series explores the power of the Rosary, its biblical and theological importance,  and uses music and visual imagery “to make the Rosary come alive in hearts and minds.”

In this exclusive video from the series, host Mark Hartfiel tells a previously unknown story about an ill Polish woman’s supernatural encounter with St. John Paul II.

At the time of the encounter, John Paul II was still alive. She saw him in a dream.

In her dream, she saw him in a crowd, hoping to touch his cloak. Unsuccessful, the woman grabbed a piece of his sock. The pope told her, “Don’t worry. Soon, we’ll have all the time in the world to talk.”

The next day, (in reality) the pope died.

Several years later, Hartfiel prayed for the woman while visiting St. John Paul II’s tomb. At the same time, the Polish woman was in Mass. After Mass, the pope’s former seamstress approached her.

The seamstress gave the Polish woman a rosary and said, ‘this is from the Pope.’

She continued, telling the woman her history of sewing at the Vatican. She and her co-workers knew they lived in the presence of a saint, so they kept various relics.

The seamstress kept the sock relic and showed it to the Polish woman. 😱

Here’s the story below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Here’s the text of the story:

“I was on a pilgrimage in Rome in Saint Peter’s Basilica at the tomb of Saint John Paul II, and I was praying for a Polish friend of mine.

“Her mom was very ill, and so I asked St. John Paul II for his intercession. I said, ‘John Paul II, I know you have a huge place in your heart for the people of Poland. Please help this family in their time of need, and that night, I went back to my room and I sent an e-mail off – a note telling my friend that I had prayed for her mother.

“The next day, I received a note back and you won’t believe what it said. (There’s really two parts to the [story].”

“The first happened 11 years prior. Her mom was already very ill at this time, and she had a dream. In this dream, John Paul II was walking in this meadow and there were people everywhere.

“All she wanted to do was reach up and grab the hem of his cassock, but being too weak and with the crowd too large, she decided she couldn’t get to him. So, she decided to just lay in a rut in the grass and wait for him to pass by.

“Sure enough, when he passed by, she reached up, but she didn’t have the strength to grab his cassock. She was only able to grab a piece from his sock. At that moment, John Paul felt it and he turned to her.

“He said, “Don’t worry. Soon, we’ll have all the time in the world to talk.”

“The next day, when she woke up in real life,  John Paul II passed away.

“This story always held an important place in this family’s history. They held it close to their hearts. And now, 11 years later, and this precise moment when I’m at his tomb praying for her family, this is what happened:

“Her mom was in Mass. She was a daily communicant and she was in Krakow. A religious sister she had never met or seen before approached her after Mass. The first thing she did was hand her a rosary, and simply said, ‘this is from the Pope.’

“But what happened next will really blow your mind.

“She said, ‘Come with me,’ and then they proceeded to walk to the residence in which she was staying.

“She went on to explain that many, many years ago, she worked at the Vatican. She did all the Holy Father’s sewing and they began to see that he was a living, walking, breathing saint, and that one day all of these items would be relics.

“Then, she turned and she said, ‘I have no idea why I’m doing this,’ and she grabbed a white piece of cloth and said, “this is from the sock of St. John Paul II.”

Was the woman healed?

The woman’s daughter told ChurchPOP, “My mom was not healed in the sense of the tumor disappearing miraculously, but this amazing gift of receiving such a relic of her beloved saint was certainly a pivotal part of the healing process, which goes on throughout our lives.

This miracle confirmed John Paul II’s presence by her side, bringing consolation for the difficult days. The final diagnosis turned out to be more hopeful; the operation was successful; chemotherapy was not needed.

“To us, it is a miracle, even if it did not come as a supernatural intervention. Every new day we are given is a miracle.”

What do you think of this story?

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