Talk about a great day!

Archdiocese of Portland Archbishop Alexander King Sample tweeted about a recent experience he had in an airport.

The first officer of of his connecting flight approached him, discussed St. Thomas More, and recognized he was a bishop. He also said the officer asked for a blessing before the flight.

Check out the tweet below:

@ArchbishpSample, Twitter

The full tweet reads, “Okay, this is just too much. Now while waiting for my connecting flight, the First Officer on my next flight came over, introduced himself and we had a nice chat about St Thomas More. He also recognized I was a bishop. He asked for a blessing before the flight. Wow – a great day!”

Archbishop Sample received several reactions, some of which said how approachable he is. Others thanked him for his “wonderful witness.”

Here’s what some people said:

@MrCasey62, Twitter

This user responded, “It’s not just what you’re wearing. I know from personal experience, having met you on last year‘s Catholic Answers cruise, you’re just a very approachable guy. Um, I mean, your Excellency.”


@MontesanoCF, Twitter

Another user said,  “TWA, aka ‘Travels With Angels.'”

@OMP717, Twitter

This user added, “A flight for all seasons.”

@1010flexiflyer, Twitter

Another user added, “It is so wonderful to hear how divine grace is working through your witness.”

Yes, it is wonderful! Let us pray for all of our bishops and priests!

Our Lady, please pray for and protect our priests!

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