This is awesome!

If your parish has a website, there’s a good chance it’s run by eCatholic, a great service that offers affordable parish website hosting, design, and management.

One of their great features is you can easily drag-and-drop Catholic content “modules” which provide links to the latest content from great Catholic sources like Word on Fire, National Catholic Register, and Life Teen. And they just recently added ChurchPOP!


To mark to the new feature, they interviewed ChurchPOP founder Brantly Millegan about how he started ChurchPOP, what makes ChurchPOP different from other Catholic websites, and what he thinks Catholic organizations need to do to be successful on social media. You can read the interview here.

Here’s a video eCatholic made to introduce the new feature and show how to use it:

If your parish uses eCatholic for their website, please tell your priest you want ChurchPOP on there! 😁

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