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13-year-old Daniel Neves is seriously ill and waiting for a kidney transplant. To offset the high treatment costs, he thought of an inspiring and exciting idea: painting religious pictures. He even created a new “title” for Our Lady!

However, the sale of paintings alone is not enough to pay for the entire treatment, so he created a virtual fundraiser.

The boy’s story was then published on VOAA, a fundraising website that helps those in dire situations obtain donations for their needs.

Check out the photos of the post:


@danielxneves, Twitter

“Hi, I’m Daniel, I’m 13 years old and I have a very serious illness,” the boy wrote on Instagram. I learned to paint during my time in the hospital, but the amount I get from selling my canvases is not enough for my treatment, I really need help.”

@danielxneves, Instagram

@danielxneves, Instagram

Here’s a video of his work:


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Daniel and Our Lady of the Kidneys

The fundraising website explains that “due to suffering from serious health problems, little Daniel Neves, 13 years old, practically lives inside a hospital. So his hospitalized time passes more quickly, he started painting beautiful canvases that today are sold for a symbolic price to pay for his treatment.”

And he tells an emotional fact: “Many of the paintings he paints are images of Catholic saints. Daniel even created the image of “Our Lady of the Kidneys.” He believes she will protect him during his kidney transplantation.”

Daniel lives in Salvador, Bahia, and “he was diagnosed at 8 months of age with polycystic kidneys, liver fibrosis, and spleen problems that have worsened in recent years. He is on the waiting list for a kidney transplant”.

“Every three months, he and his mother, Mrs. Cleide Neves, go to the Capitol of São Paulo for treatment. The government provides roundtrip tickets, but the traveling costs within the capital from one hospital to another, as well as food, are at the family’s expense,” the description continues.

“Dani’s mother cannot work due to the [amount of] care her son requires. They live on a child benefit and a small pension that the parent pays. In addition to these food and transportation costs, the small child has many medications…that the government does not offer on a daily basis ”.

The story touched so many people that Dani raised more than 4 times his fundraising goal!

@danielxneves, Instagram

In September 2019, Daniel also posted photos of his First Communion.

“I dreamed a lot about this moment, thanks to everyone who was part of it. Thanks also for the surprises,” he wrote.

@danielxneves, Instagram

@danielxneves, Instagram

@danielxneves, Instagram

Inspiring! Let us pray little Daniel!

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