“Really Distressing”: Why the Hagia Sophia Converting Into a Mosque Should Concern Catholics

Adli Wahid / CC BY-SA

Why should the Hagia Sophia converting into a Mosque concern Catholics?

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Fr. Rich Pagano, and Ryan DellaCrosse discuss with historian Steve Weidenkopf the news that The Hagia Sophia will convert into a mosque.

They discuss the Hagia Sophia’s history, the Fall of Constantinople, Islam, and why this change should concern Catholics.

Watch this week’s episode below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above. 

The guys also discuss the following:

• Why has Turkey decided to convert The Hagia Sophia
• What will happen to the priceless mosaics in the Hagia Sophia?
• The massacre inside the Hagia Sophia during the fall of Constantinople
• What historically motivated Islam to conquer Christian people?
• The secret Divine Liturgy illegally celebrated in Hagia Sophia

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