“Halloween Will Be Ugly”: The Spiritual War With Demons These Exorcists Encounter on Oct. 31

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I am starting to prepare spiritually for All Hallows’ Eve. No bags of candy. No costumes. No pumpkins. As every year, it’ll be ugly.

Many of our spiritual sensitives will get pummeled by demons. One year, our team decided pray over one of our most gifted throughout the night, trying to shield her from the demonic attacks she yearly suffered. It didn’t work. She got pummeled anyway. But she said she appreciated our efforts.

Several of our other sensitives will experience increased demonic harassment.

Many of our clients who are possessed or severely oppressed will suffer more intensely throughout the night. The priest-exorcists themselves will typically get bombarded with demonic obsessions and an internal battle.

There are times during the year when the demonic is more powerful than usual, and Halloween is at the top of the list.

It is the demons’ distortion of the great feast of All Saints, the following day. Moreover, Satan’s human minions will join in and cast curses, spells, and all sorts of evil, which doesn’t help.

I wonder about parents who dress up their children as devils or witches. Do they have any idea?

Our Little Team will spend the evening in Eucharistic adoration. Keeping vigil. We will await the dawn and the feast of all Saints.

Then we will be surrounded by the myriads of holy people celebrated on this day. The radiance of divine light shining through them will cast out the darkness. Once again, there will be peace.

This post originally appeared on the St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal’s Exorcist Diary blog.

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Msgr. Stephen Rossetti is a priest in the Diocese of Syracuse, research associate professor at the Catholic University of America and actively involved in the deliverance ministry for the past 13 years. Visit his website at catholicexorcism.org.