ChurchPOP Founder Reveals Website History & Amazing Catholic Conversion Story on EWTN Radio

Brantly Millegan / ChurchPOP

Have you wondered about ChurchPOP’s history?

ChurchPOP founder and editor-in-chief Brantly Millegan joined Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni on the Aug. 4 episode of the EWTN Radio show Take 2.

Millegan reveals how and why he created ChurchPOP, the story behind how he and his wife, Krista, converted to Catholicism, how ChurchPOP finds and creates content, and what the future holds for the website.

He also explains what ChurchPOP’s name and logo means, what drew him and his wife to the Catholic Church from Evangelical Protestantism, and much more!

Here’s the interview below: (Timestamps for each topic are listed below the video.)

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Here’s the timestamps for each portion of the interview:

How and why Brantly created ChurchPOP: 2:21
Reader response and growth to other language editions: 9:20
ChurchPOP’s mission and content angles: 10:15, 33:32
How and who writes and creates ChurchPOP’s original content: 15:39, 49:22
Brantly’s original vision for ChurchPOP: 16:23
Brantly and Krista Millegan’s Catholic conversion story: 19:21
How Humanae Vitae Led Brantly & Krista to the Catholic Church: 26:09
Brantly’s family’s reaction to his conversion: 29:24
What Brantly believes Mother Angelica would think of ChurchPOP: 38:34
ChurchPOP’s Facebook Live: 39:28
EWTN & ChurchPOP’s relationship: 42:26
The future of ChurchPOP: 49:02

What did you learn about ChurchPOP?

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Jacqueline Burkepile is the editor for the English edition of ChurchPOP. She is a journalist, former university campus minister, and a wife and mother. You can follow her posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.



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