Did these Catholics See Our Lady in Mass? Kenyans Celebrate Mary in Viral Video

@UgonnaMario, Twitter / ChurchPOP

A video showing the explosion of joy of some faithful who believe they saw the Virgin Mary during Mass recently went viral.

The images were recorded at St. Clare Catholic Church in Kasarani, Kenya.

Nigerian priest Father Agustine Mario, shared the video on Twitter. The images capture the moment when the faithful jump for joy upon seeing a reflection of Our Lady on the wall behind the altar.

In the video, Mass attendees believe they saw the Virgin Mary. The congregation shouts and waves their hands in joy.

Here’s the video:

Click here if you cannot see the post above.

The video’s caption reads, ” The Blessed Virgin Mary reportedly appeared today after evening Mass for the celebration of consecrated men and women when the priest was about to kiss the altar at St. Clare Catholic Church, Kasarani (Kenya).  May her maternal intercession cleanse our land.”

In addition, Father Augustine Mario explained that the diocese has not ruled on the matter.

“This is not yet approved in the Catholic Church, it is an eyewitness report and an unapproved situation. It must go through a rigorous process before such an appearance is approved.”

As of this writing, the video generated nearly 50,000 views, more than 250 retweets, and over 100 comments. 

One user commented, “If you look at the last second of the video, you can see stained-glass windows on the left-hand side, this is light from the sun reflecting onto the wall. You can also see other of white light on the wall, which are being made from other windows in the church.

“This gave me goosebumps as I saw the Virgin Mary in the reflection. But whether it is real or not, the love for her is immeasurable! Ave Maria!” one user added.

“There is no doubt that there is great love for our Blessed Mother,” concluded another user.

Whether or not it is authentic, let us ask Our Lady to fill our hearts with joy!

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