Clarita Segura was born on May 15, 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was the youngest and only woman in a family of six children.

From a very young age, she was an obedient girl with a strong temperament. She was generous and detached from material things.

In Feb. 1995, she began feeling sick: a bacterium settled in her heart, causing her death after 15 days at the age of 16.

4 Facts About the Servant of God Clarita Segura, Model for Teenagers

On April 24, 2019, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli ordered the opening of the Canonization Case. Postulator for the canonization cause Juan Reinoso told ACI Prensa four key points about this young Servant of God.

1) An Authentic Christian Leader

“She never hid her faith and Gospel values ​​from her peers and friends. She was not afraid to speak, propose and even face the tensions typical of adolescent conflicts in the face of the differences between the world’s proposals and the path proposed by Jesus.”

2) A Consistent Young Woman

“This is the key to her leadership, since those who knew her knew that she lived what she proposed. This consistency earned her the respect of her friends and acquaintances.”

3) Deep Life of Prayer & Devotion to Our Lady

“In addition to the Sunday Mass, she sought the celebration of the Eucharist during the week and in visits to Jesus present in the Tabernacle.”

Clarita also loved Our Lady very much, “whom she treated like a mother and whom she loved visiting on her pilgrimages on foot to Luján (43 miles) and San Nicolás (124 miles).”

4) The Acceptance of Death with Christian Patience

She lived her illness with inner peace, “the fruit of her incarnated spirituality, of her union with Jesus, of her trust in the Virgin, and of having fought to live the virtues of strength and courage.”

Thus, her faith became “the center of her life and the source of her strength”

Prayer for the intercession of Servant of God Clarita Segura

“Good Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the limitless love
that you manifested in the short life
of your daughter Clara María Segura.

Her smile and joy,
her heart and her pure gaze,
her spirit of service and her love
for Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary,
and her strength founded on You
in moments of suffering,
are an example and encouragement
for my daily pilgrimage.

Deign to glorify your daughter Clarita
and grant me through her intercession
the grace that I ask of you.


Prayer source:

Servant of God Clarita Segura, please pray for us!

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