Can the wisdom of the ancients help us spiritually today?

A recent episode of "The Catholic Gentleman" with host John Heinen and guest Ryan Scheel from "The Catholic Talk Show" presents an enlightening exploration into the heart of Roman history.

Unearthing timeless virtues that have stood the test of millennia, the guys offer a unique compass to navigate our spiritual landscapes.

1. Selflessness

Humility, leadership, and service are exemplified in the life of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a Roman statesman known for his selflessness.

Cincinnatus willingly relinquished absolute power for the common good, living the conviction that "one man should not have too much power, and if he does, he should wield it responsibly," Scheel says.

2. Religiosity

Scheel delves into Rome's spiritual foundations established by King Numa Pompilius, emphasizing the indispensable role of religion in society.

He underscores the need for a return to our spiritual roots: "We need to refind our religion; that we are a country founded on God and under God."

3. Prudence

The strategic brilliance of Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus during the Second Punic War provides a blueprint for applying prudence in the face of adversity.

Scheel points out that ”calm of level-headedness” can overcome even the most formidable spiritual battles.

4. Integrity

Marcus Atilius Regulus’s life epitomizes integrity, reminding us that "virtues untested are kinds of concepts; virtues are only virtuous when they are applied in a time of distress," Scheel says.

5. Honor:

Lastly, Marcus Tullius Cicero, an ardent advocate for republican government, showcases the timeless nature of virtue. Scheel says his remarkable journey reveals that "virtues don't change; a virtuous man would be virtuous in the third-century BC and in today's world."

These historic figures show virtue still resonates today, offering wisdom for our own spiritual journeys, but also inspiring the next generation. As Scheel encourages, "Kids love knowing that stuff.”

Check out the full episode below:

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Let’s embrace the virtues and amplify our spiritual journeys!

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