Praise God for His mercy!

Bishop Athanasius Schneider spoke with Canadian priest Fr. Mark Goring about why he thinks two recent Eucharistic miracles occurred in Poland.

He also refers to the miracle that occurred shortly after Bl. Carlo Acutis’ death.

“The miracle is the grace of God–a help–to confirm our faith–to make our faith [stronger] in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. And also for those whose faith was weakened, to be strengthened by this miracle.

“I consider this a mercy — merciful help from Our Lord. For example, Our Lord helped Thomas the Apostle who had doubts about [Jesus’] risen body, so Our Lord appeared to Him.”

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“I think these miracles are a merciful gift to our time to demonstrate the Real Presence, because inside the Church, we are passing through a kind of deep Eucharistic illness (sickness). I call this a Eucharistic heart sickness of the Church. The deepest crisis of the Church is the Eucharistic crisis–the faith in the True Presence diminished, and also in the transubstantiation.”

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Lord, please have mercy on us!

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