Welcome home to the Catholic Church, Shia LaBeouf! 🎉

Last year, ChurchPOP broke the story in a May 2023 interview that actor Shia LaBeouf was scheduled to receive the sacrament of confirmation in December.

LaBeouf is known for his film roles in "Transformers" and "Indiana Jones," to name a few.

"I'm in RCIA. I'm scheduled to be confirmed in seven months and I hope Bishop [Robert] Barron comes down to confirm me," LaBeouf told ChurchPOP editor Jacqueline Burkepile. "I'm in RCIA right now and once a week I get on the horn with Father Bobby and we talk shop."

LaBeouf's hopes turned into a reality when Bishop Robert Barron confirmed him into the Catholic Church on Dec. 31, 2023, at Old Mission Santa Inés Parish in Solvang, Calif.

shia labeouf catholic
Bishop Robert Barron with Shia LaBeouf / Photo Courtesy of the Capuchin Franciscans

The Capuchin Friars' Western American Province announced the news on Instagram.

"We are thrilled to share that our dear friend Shia LaBeouf has fully entered the Church this past weekend through the sacrament of confirmation!" the post reads. "The Capuchin Franciscan friars are overjoyed to welcome him into the fold and witness his deep commitment to his faith journey."

The post also requested prayers for the actor "as he continues to deepen his faith and seek God’s guidance in his life."

Shia LaBeouf with Bishop Robert Barron and the Capuchin Franciscans / Photo Courtesy of the Capuchin Franciscans

Brother Alex Rodriguez, OFM Cap., LaBeouf's friend, confidant, and confirmation sponsor, spoke with ChurchPOP editor Jacqueline Burkepile about the event.

He said LaBeouf was crying after receiving communion.

"He started crying a lot after receiving communion," Brother Rodriguez said. "It was very moving."

Shia LaBeouf and Brother Alex Rodriguez / Courtesy of the Franciscan Capuchins
shia labeouf movies, shia labeouf films, shia labeouf in transformers
Brother Alex Rodriguez, Shia LaBeouf, and Father Christopher Iwancio / Photo Courtesy of the Capuchin Franciscans
shia labeouf movies, shia labeouf films, shia labeouf in transformers
Brother Jude Quinto, OFM Cap. and Shia LaBeouf / Photo Courtesy of the Franciscan Capuchins

In the interview with Burkepile, Brother Rodriguez also addressed the many controversies surrounding the actor, including the Padre Pio movie, which resulted in backlash from many Catholics. He explained LaBeouf would have never considered Catholicism if it had not been for the film's production.

"Just as Padre Pio went through his own difficulties that you see in the film which are connected to or are part of his personal letters, (that's where we got the information)– Shia himself, though he's now fully Catholic, also shows that in his personal life, his own difficulties--he shouldn't be seen as a perfect figure, but as a sinner wanting to be holy," Brother Rodriguez said.

"In a nutshell, he is someone still in conversion and an example to all of us that in whatever state of life we are in--whether it be religious, priests, or laity– we will all have our difficulties," he continued.

"This is just part of life, especially being a Catholic. But with those difficulties, that's where God wants us to become holy."

Brother Rodriguez said LaBeouf is "someone who is working on himself as best as he can so that he can be of service to others in whatever God wants him to do."

"Shia is an example of somebody who's actually real [and] raw. He says, 'I'm a sinner. This is what I'm going through and I want to do my best.'"

Brother Rodriguez said that LaBeouf is considering a vocation to the diaconate. However, the brother clarified that it will "not happen anytime soon...but whenever he's ready for that."

Listen to ChurchPOP's exclusive interview with LaBeouf below:

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