Joseph Sciambra

Joseph Sciambra

Joseph Sciambra joined the Catholic Church in 1999 after having spent years as an amateur porn actor and escort. Since then he has written extensively concerning the real-life issues of pornography,

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Why So Many Gay Men Are Former Catholics

I have spoken to literally hundreds of gay men. Just as I used to be, the vast majority are former Catholics, usually having been raised in a Catholic home and attending Catholic parochial schools. After hearing this: I always ask: “Are you still Catholic.” The answer is almost unanimously: “No!...

How the Famous Sell Their Soul to Satan

The then relatively unknown model Emily Ratajkowski, got worldwide attention when she appeared topless in the tasteless video for the equally crass song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. Before that pivotal moment, Ratajkowski had been a child model since age 14 when she signed with the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency....

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