Michael Saltis

Michael Saltis

Michael Saltis is a graduate of the University of Dayton. He lives, works, and occasionally finds time to write in Akron, Ohio.

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Your Pro-Life Playlist For the March For Life

Musical tastes being subject to significant and frequent changes (not only between generations or decades but even on an annual basis), the following list may be of great interest to some, little-to-no-help to others, and perhaps a mild irritation to others. To those of you whose musical sensibilities I offend...

9 Awesome Christian Art Pieces on DeviantArt

As the paintings, sculptures, and architecture of Rome and Medieval Europe attest, art has always been considered of vital importance to Christian civilization. In his 1999 Letter To Artists, Saint John Paul II wrote the following: Society needs artists, just as it needs scientists, technicians, workers, professional people, witnesses of...

"Unbroken": An Ideal Christmas Movie for 2014

Note: If you’ve seen the film’s advertisements, or are vaguely familiar with Louis Zamperini, nothing below should qualify as a spoiler. However, this review does discuss several of the film’s general plot points and themes, some of which should be considered light spoilers for anyone unfamiliar with...

5 Big Problems with "Exodus: Gods and Kings"

This past weekend saw the release of the Ridley Scott’s latest sword-and-sandals epic, and the third major Bible-based film of the year, Exodus: Gods and Kings. Covering the story of the first Passover (but with extra shield-and-sword mayhem thrown in for good measure), the movie stars Christian Bale as...

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