Are men really from Mars, or is there a more soulful story to be told?

On this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt challenge our stereotypes of attraction and reveal the little-known spiritual dimensions behind men's appreciation of women!

In our world fixated on superficial appearances, the gentlemen say there is a fine balance between admiring physical beauty and the essential need to avoid objectification. Respect and understanding are always important to fostering healthy relationships.

Heinen does acknowledge the undeniable pull of attraction however, saying “There is something very true to this that we need to dialogue about: men are motivated by the feminine body and by female beauty."

Instead, they share how properly ordered attraction should transcend the physical, and that there is a profound biblical connection between outer allure with inner beauty.

"Adam had every single thing he could have wanted, but he was restless until Eve was created, experiencing a joy in her beauty, in her fullness," Heinen continues.

Devin explains how appreciation of a woman’s beauty should lead men to recognize and cherish her inner qualities.

"The external beauty here leads to the internal person, and that's why, because God created us to be visual, he's leading us men into the internal mystery of woman."

The gentlemen also boldly address the pervasive myths that men are solely driven by visual stimuli.

They challenge listeners to rethink these perceptions and attitudes, urging men and women alike to recognize and cherish the deeper layers of beauty that make every individual unique and valuable.

"There's a deeper level of attraction you can cultivate where it's not about superficial looks, but about radiating a winsome beauty and grace, even with wrinkles and gray hair," Sam says, emphasizing that true beauty is ageless and timeless.

Do you want to see beauty more through the eyes of faith? This episode has some great wisdom about the heart of attraction!

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Let’s remember to embrace inner beauty!

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