Do you see Jesus in the clouds?

Saturn and Jupiter aligned on Monday night in a “Great Conjunction.” This alignment occurs every 20 years, but the two appeared closer than they have in about 400 years. Some think it could be the Christmas Star the three Wise Men followed when finding Jesus.

Pictures of the historic moment flooded the internet, but one in particular caught our eyes!

Facebook user Marsha Luttmer Dill posted a photo of the Great Conjunction. taken in Virginia.  She said her seven-year-old child noticed an image of a baby hidden in the clouds below the conjunction.

She added that the young boy did not know what the photo was for or about when he noticed the baby in the clouds.

Here’s her post below:


The post reads, “This was taken in Virginia. My [7-year-old] was laying beside me and this picture showed up and he said, “look there’s a baby!” 😳 He then asked what was the picture about. It’s something what children can see.”

What do you see? Let us know in the comments on social media!

Merry Christmas!

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