Among the many heroes of WWII, people often forget that clergymen also risked their lives in the war. They weren’t there to fight against flesh and blood, but to offer help fighting the spiritual battle that continues even (especially?) during war.

Below are 7 amazing videos of Mass being celebrated in war zones by brave priests during WWII. Note that since it was before the Second Vatican Council, the Mass that was celebrated was what is today called the Extraordinary Form.

1) Makin Island Kiribati Islands – November 1943

2) Ship near Iwo Jima – February 1945

3) Weymouth harbor, England – June 1944

4) Ship near Normandy, France – June 1944

5) Dachau concentration camp after liberation – May 1945

6) Ship traveling on Pacific Ocean – February 1945

7) Pietravairano, Italy – December 1943

Pray for the safety of military servicemen and women!

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