The Episcopal Conference of Bolivia expressed its pain and request for justice for the murder of Father Wilberth Daza Rodas, OFM, a 42-year-old priest of the Minor Franciscan Order of the city of Santa Cruz.

Thieves entered the convent of San Francisco de Santa Cruz on Easter Vigil. on Sat., April 16, killing Father Daza at approximately 11 p.m.

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A parish worker found the priest’s body on Easter morning.

Shock over the murder of a priest after Easter Vigil

Members of the Minor Franciscan Order found the lifeless body of Fr. Daza, who served as community treasurer. He had several blows to his face and head .

According to Correo del Sur, the police are investigating a man close to the Franciscan community, who would have acted together with other subjects.

Further reports disclosed the identity of the alleged killer.

The alleged suspect was Marco Lucas Flores Miranda, who allegedly committed suicide in a Brazilian prison cell.

Here’s a video report below:

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The Episcopal Conference released this statement on April 17:

“Our church is in mourning and dismayed by the events that have occurred. We ask that a clear and precise investigation be carried out as soon as possible, and that it reach the clarification of the terrible facts.”

“Faced with the culture of violence that is growing in Bolivia–femicides, robberies, murders, citizen insecurity–we urge all the people Bolivian to commit and work for a culture of peace where all we can live in brotherhood.”

At the same time, the Episcopal Conference expressed “closeness, solidarity, and prayers” to the Daza Rodas family after the priest’s murder.

“May the light of the Risen Jesus Christ shine in our hearts and in our world where there is so much darkness, suffering and death. God, with the resurrection of his Son, tells us that evil and death do not have the last word,” the statement concluded.

The Bolivian parish held Fr. Daza’s funeral Mass on April 18, with Archbishop Sergio Alfredo Gualberti Calandrina as the celebrant.

Here’s photos below: 

Campanas, Facebook
Campanas, Facebook

Pray for the repose of Father Daza’s soul!

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