This is funny!

St. Bernard Catholic Church in Breaux Bridge, LA is getting ready to mark their 100th anniversary as a parish this weekend. To celebrate, they’re putting on a big fancy gala! Tickets are already sold out (sorry), but before that happened their parish priests made a fun video promoting the event – and it’s going viral! (You can watch the video below.)

The video description on Facebook reads: “Fr. Boudreaux & Fr. Thibodeaux try out the Centennial Celebration Gala raffle prizes for themselves…”

The video is in the style of an old black and white silent film (with ragtime piano music as the only sound), and shows the priests biking around town on a tandem bike doing funny things with some of the possible prizes of the event’s raffle. Their gags include laughing boisterously together in a bar, playing silly instruments, and even one of the priests pretending to be a fish in a pond getting “caught” by the other priest (yes, really; make sure you watch to the end).

As of this writing, the parish video had gotten more than 470 shares and 26k views.

Commenters also expressed how much they liked the video. “Oh my wow! I am dying. This is the best video yet!” one person wrote. Another: “Oh my gosh! Dynamic duo! This has got to go viral. The community is incredibly blessed! AND entertained.

Here’s the video:

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