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Catholic vs. Orthodox vs. Protestant: How to Tell the Difference, in 10 Hilarious Memes

These are so funny! 😂 The Instagram account Cathoholicism published another set of amazing memes illustrating differences between Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Protestants. Account owner Brian Edwards, who also designed the confessor memes, hilariously interpreted the differences between the various faiths in 10 infographics. Edwards covers church architecture, grandmothers, the workplace,...

Who's Your Confessor? Identify Your Favorite Priest in Confession in 6 Hilarious Infographics

These are so great! 😂 The Instagram account Cathoholicism published six hilarious memes illustrating various types of priestly confessors. Many describe the real-life qualities in some confessors. Others may be fictional humor. 😂 Cathoholicism owner Brian Edwards designed each meme, humorously explaining six types of confessors: The Good Confessor, The Mystical Confessor,...

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