Are you ready to witness a fiery test of faith and knowledge as Catholic trivia meets the Hot Ones challenge?

In an unforgettable episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse, Father Rich Pagano, and special guest Howard (the show’s producer) take on the Hot Ones hot sauce challenge, blending their love of faith with fiery trivia!

The guys explained that they would use the official Hot Ones hot sauce challenge to pair ten progressively hotter sauces with Catholic trivia questions. The stakes were high – incorrect answers led to even spicier sauce! 😱

The trivia questions delved into various Catholic topics: Latin phrases, early heretics, mysteries of faith, and historical figures.

Throughout the challenge, the guys displayed camaraderie and humor, joking with one another about their hot sauce tolerance and knowledge of Catholicism.

“The only thing that's greater than Howard’s lack of knowledge is his ability to handle hot sauce.”

Ryan Scheel doled out questions to Father Rich like, "What part of Mass is water added to the wine?" and "Upon which famous English Catholic was conferred the title 'Defender of the Faith' by Pope Leo X in 1521?"

"I've been giving you softballs to make you look good, so everyone has confidence in their pastor."

However, even he encountered moments of difficulty, joking, "Some brothers from my diocese are going to be ashamed of me." 😂

The intensity of the challenge peaked as Father Rich faced Apollo sauce – the hottest of them all, with over two million Scoville units. Undeterred, he recited the Athanasian Creed while enduring the searing heat.

"My mouth is on fire right now, and if you haven't hit flame on that subscribe button and clicked the thumbs up yet, make sure you do that."

Watch the guys brave scorching sauces and navigate the complex world of Catholic trivia:

What do you think of Father Rich's Hot Ones Challenge?

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