This is miraculous!

Fr. Rob Galea of the Diocese of Sandhurst in Victoria, Australia shared an amazing story on Twitter about helping a Hindu Uber driver choose to follow Jesus.

The driver inquired about the singer-songwriter and FRG Ministry founder’s destination, and the priest said he was “going to preach about Jesus.”

The Hindu then asked what he normally says during his peaching, and his conversion escalated from there.

Fr. Galea said the encounter “ended in tears” and asked his social media followers to pray for the driver.

Here’s Fr. Galea’s story below:

@FrRobGalea, Twitter

Fr. Galea’s first tweet reads, “Just had the most beautiful Uber ride. Spoke to my Hindu driver about Jesus and we stopped the car so that I could pray for him. It ended in tears and in him choosing to follow Jesus. My heart is full. Please pray for him.”

In response to his story, one user asked, “How did you start the conversation? How are you this good at evangelizing?”

Here’s the priest’s answer:

@FrRobGalea, Twitter

The priest responds, “I was on the way to the airport and he asked where I was going, and I mentioned that I was going to speak about Jesus. And he asked me what I usually say when I preach. He listened and wanted to know more about Jesus and asked me to pray for him.”

Here’s what some people said about Fr. Galea’s experience:

@YBS_Mike, Twitter

This user said, “There is nothing greater [than] opening [another’s] eyes and ears to the truth. [It’s] a great feeling, and that man will be eternally [grateful] for what you did for him today with the [Holy Spirit’s] power. God Bless you sir.”

@PCristopherCort, Twitter

Another user said, “A new version of Philip and the Ethiopian. Glory to God”.

@sonewman, Twitter

This user also tweeted, “That’s awesome. Just imagine how that man feels. Picks up a stranger. Learns about Jesus. Gets filled with the Holy Spirit. Gets ready to meet God. What a ride.”

What do you think of Fr. Galea’s story?

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