Have you heard the enduring story about how the ladybug earned its name?

Ladybugs are associated with various symbols, including luck and good fortune. However, did you know there is a symbol from a Catholic perspective?

The story goes that in Europe during the Middle Ages, swarms of pesky insects (probably aphids) destroyed crops and threatened faithful farming communities with starvation.

In desperation, the farmers, who had a devotion to the Blessed Mother, turned to the Virgin Mary for help!

Soon after, a cloud of black-spotted, red-orange insects came and devoured the plant-destroying pests, saving the crops!

The farmers considered this an answer to their prayers and a sign of Our Lady’s intercession. They began referring to these life-saving, beautiful insects as “Our Lady’s Bugs.”

Variations of this name, including "The Beetles of Our Lady" and "Lady Beetles” came about. In Germany, the term "Marienkäfer" means “Marybeetle.”

The bug’s red-orange wings represent the mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary, while the black spots symbolize her joys and sorrows.

Here are some of our favorite prayers for gardeners and farmers:

Prayer to Saint Fiacre, Patron of Gardners

Dear God our Father, Giver of all good, we lift up our hearts to You in thanksgiving for who You are and for the power and majesty You manifest in the earth. We thank You for the sun, the rain, and the abundant fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs You cause to spring forth in our gardens, fields, and flowerpots, all signs of Your never-ending love. Through the intercession of Saint Fiacre, patron of gardeners, please bless our fields and gardens with Your verdant blessings. Give us the strength and wisdom to tend our plants and all living things with care, diligence, and joy. May we bring forth a good harvest in due season. In Jesus' name.


Prayer in Honor of Saint Isidore the Farmer

Grant, O Lord, that through the intercession of Saint Isidore, the farmer, we may follow his example of patience and humility, and so walk faithfully in his footsteps so that, in the evening of life, we may be able to present to You an abundant harvest of good fruits, You who live and reign forever and ever.


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