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If you didn’t already know, the four Gospels are traditionally represented by the “four living creatures” in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel. Matthew is represented by a man, Mark by a lion, Luke by a calf, and John by an eagle. As a result, when you see paintings of these saints, you’ll often see their corresponding animal in there somewhere, too.

Apparently medieval European Catholic artists hadn’t seen too many lions, or at least hadn’t figured out how to paint one yet!

Someone named “Cassie” on Twitter (who describes herself as “Just a common Catholic girl”) pointed out the hilarious problem in a recent tweet that promptly went viral.

She wrote: “If you’re having a bad day, please appreciate these artists’ attempts to draw lions with St. Mark“.

Then she shared these hilarious examples:

In case you forgot, here’s what lions actually look like:

Public Domain

Public Domain

Here’s some more bad paintings of lions with St. Mark:

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