Did you know Lucy of Narnia is a real saint?

Stephen Bullivant at the Catholic Herald made an incredible find for Narnia fans everywhere: there is a saint called Blessed Lucy of Narnia.

And November 16 is her feast day. Yes, this is real life.

If you’re lost, here’s an explanation for the uninitiated:

One of the most popular book series ever is Christian apologist C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia (also a fun film series), and one of the main characters is a girl named Lucy. That’s why it’s incredible there’s a real-life Blessed Lucy of Narnia.

And it’s not entirely a coincidence. 

Narnia (also called Narni) is a small town in Italy. Lewis came across the town on an atlas as a child and liked the name. It stuck with him and he named his imaginary book series world after it.

Some also speculate that Lewis was inspired to name one of his characters after Bl. Lucy of Narnia, though it’s not clear this is the case. There have been several Lucy saints, most notably the third-century saint that’s named in the traditional Roman Canon of the Mass.

Blessed Lucy of Narnia lived in Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries. Among other things, she had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a child, took a vow of virginity, and experienced stigmata.

Saint Lucy of Narnia's body was later found incorrupt after her death and Pope Clement XI beatified her in 1710.

Prayer to Saint Lucy of Narnia

God of holiness, You wonderfully adorned Blessed Lucy with the marks of Your passion and with the gifts of virginity and patience. With the help of her prayers, may we never be conquered by adversity or the allurements of the world.

Prayer Source: Paul A. Zalonski 

Does this change your perspective on the Narnia series?

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