Supporters of the March for Life shared their beautiful stories on social media, some even braving inclement weather in Washington, D.C.

The 51st annual March for Life occurred on Fri., Jan. 19, 2024, in Washington, D.C. in the snow and freezing temperatures, but that did not stop pro-life advocates from raising their voices for the unborn and their mothers.

Here's a preview of what it looked like:

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March for Life supporters and attendees shared their beautiful testimonies, while others published videos of their support for the historic event.

Nicole LeBlanc, the mother of conjoined twins who passed away shortly after birth, again shared the reason she believes "everyone deserves a chance at life."

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"I rejected abortion when I found out I was pregnant with my conjoined daughters that shared one heart," LeBlanc posted. "They lived for a little more than an hour and were LOVED their whole lives. Everyone deserves a chance at life because life is worth LIVING!"

EWTN Digital Media Specialist Christina Herrera also shared a testimony many do not often hear: she marched for fathers.

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"I march for the fathers who want nothing more but to love their babies," Herrera posted. "I march in gratitude for my Dad who fought for me in the womb and raised me as a single parent. They matter too."

EWTN reporter Mark Irons found a pro-life marcher from Nigeria who provided his testimony:

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"The U.S. can learn so much from our country, especially in terms of abortion, because in my country, abortion is not legalized. We respect life," the Nigerian marcher said.

"The U.S. can learn this from Nigeria by respecting [the lives] of the unborn kids. That is very important - respect the mother and respect the child."

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins shared why the 2024 March for Life was particularly special for her.

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"Today is a special March for me as my oldest child, Gunner, and my mom, Marla, are here with me. Gunner and my Mom were last last year in utero when I was nine months pregnant with him and she was chasing me around telling me to stop carrying heavy boxes of signs," Hawkins posted.

"Today, my prayer is that Gunner’s life will be transformed like so many tens of thousands of young people, and he learns our family business is abolishing abortion."

YouTube users also shared their stories during EWTN's March for Life livestream.

User Mary Elizabeth said, "Pregnancy is what changed me."

"I saw and heard my daughter's heartbeat at six weeks. I said, 'That's a life. I have a life inside me!' I shed my love for abortion then," Mary Elizabeth said.

"If I can change, anyone can change. I was for abortion from conception to the due date. I was extreme. Now I am against abortion at all stages!" Mary Elizabeth concluded.

Several other social media users from the EWTN family also shared their inspiring testimonies.

Alyssa Murphy, the National Catholic Register's managing editor of digital assets, shared a photo of her daughter. She prayed for seven years to conceive, and she said, "God gave us Annabelle!"

"After praying seven years for a child, God gave us Annabelle!" Murphy posted. "As she likes to sing: babies love their mommies—mommies love their babies!"

Debbie Cowden, EWTN's senior media specialist and author of "The Prayer Book for Tired Catholic Parents," explained that women do not need to choose between their children and their careers.

"So women know they don’t have to choose between their children and their careers. You can have both! Marching for life at home this year with my three-month-old seems highly symbolic," Cowden wrote.

Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP's brand content editor, published in thanksgiving for her stepson, Jack.

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"If it wasn’t for my husband’s courage and YES to life despite his circumstances, my sweet bonus-son Jack would not be here today," Perkins wrote. "THIS IS #WhyWeMarch."

Jacqueline Burkepile, ChurchPOP's editor, also published why she marches in solidarity with the pro-life movement.

Burkepile was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis the year she became pregnant with her first child. Doctors said her pregnancy was high risk, and she could potentially bleed to death.

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"The year I had my first baby, I was sick and in the hospital six times. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and I could bleed to death if I had a baby. Almost 10 years later, I have two beautiful boys and we are alive and healthy. This is #WhyWeMarch!"

Why do you march for life?

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