This is such a beautiful lesson!

In the video below, Fr. Mike Schmitz discusses one of the major pitfalls of relationships: stonewalling.

According to the video’s description, stonewalling “is when we refuse to communicate or cooperate with someone.

“Psychologist Dr. John Gottman calls it one of the ‘four horsemen of the apocalypse,’ or one of four types of expression that indicates that your relationship is falling apart. The other three are defensiveness, criticism, and contempt.

“As Christians, we should always pay attention to the one who is communicating with us. After all, we would expect at least that much from them when communicating with them.

“Loving someone means seeing them. By seeing, we mean literally looking them in the eyes when they talk to you, but also understanding them and seeing them as a person made in God’s image.”

Listen to his full video below:

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