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An amazing photo of a baby’s baptism recently circulated social media. However, it is not an ordinary baptismal photo.

As the priest pours water over the baby’s head, the water appears to form into a rosary. Several online sources claim the photo is not edited.

Here’s the amazing photo below:

@brcblog, Twitter

Sources say the Argentinian news outlet Cadena 3 first covered the story in late 2009. This website then explains the photo’s alleged backstory.

Photographer María Silvana allegedly captured the photo during baby Valentino Mora’s baptism at the Cathedral of Córdoba in Despeñaderos, Argentina.

The baby’s 21-year-old single mother Erica Mora could not pay Silvana for her services, so the photographer captured the photo as a favor.

The photo “caused a commotion in the Cordoban town of Despeñaderos, where residents demanded copies of the image as if it were a stamp.”

Regardless of its authenticity, the photo can remind us of Our Lady’s loving maternal care over her children.

Our Lady of the Rosary, please pray for us!

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