This is so funny! 😂😂😂

Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble of the Daughters of St. Paul exploded Twitter with an epic response to a gothic social media account.

The media nun and former atheist is most recently well-known for her devotional, Remember Your Death: Memento Mori Lenten Devotional.

She’s also managed to evangelize and ignite the hearts of fallen away Catholics through this particular post. (See more details at the bottom of this article!)

The thread began with this post

@DothTheDoth, Twitter

The post reads, “Be the reason why a nun clutches her Rosary when you walk by.”

Sr. Aletheia then posted this response:

@pursuedbytruth, Twitter

Sr. Aletheia’s full tweet reads, “Oh please. No one is clutching a rosary because you are goth. We’re the original goths. But I’ll say a rosary for you anyway. ☠️”

The Pauline sister created an explosion on Twitter.

So far, the post has generated more than 15,000 likes and 2,000 retweets. Even DothTheDoth, the account she responded to,  retweeted her tweet!

Here’s how some people responded:

Ed Condon, canon layer and Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for Catholic News Agency, said this:

@canonlawyered, Twitter

Along with a painting of the Sack of Rome, his full tweet reads, “The ‘Original Goths’ sacked Rome…”

Fr. Matthew Schneider, LC, then responded with this:

@FrMatthewLC, Twitter

Along with a photo of the Chartres Cathedral, Fr. Schneider said, “And after that we got Gothic architecture named after the Goths. The height of being a Goth.”

Other users also responded:

@allie_gator5, Twitter

This user said, “This is the best clap back in recorded history.”

@hey_chimene, Twitter

This user added, “He should see some of your skull rosaries. 😉

Sr. Aletheia then responded with this image:


With an image of a skull rosary, Sr. Aletheia said, “Made by @hey_chimene.”

Others expressed their reignited interest in the Catholic faith. Some people said they may come back to the Church because of her!

Here’s some of the tweets below:

@TimMcGregor1, Twitter

This user said, “As a lapsed Catholic, this clapback could almost draw me back to the fold.”

Sr. Aletheia responded:

@pursuedbytruth, Twitter

Sr. Aletheia said, “I’ll pray for you, Tim. Hope you come back!”

@cewterry, Twitter

Another user said, “I’m currently a lapsed Catholic. More like her might get me back.”

@EpixAndroidv2, Twitter

This user also said, “You earned a follow from me, a semi-lapesed Catholic! (Read: I don’t always go to Mass, but I do believe the teachings of the Church).”

What do you think of Sr. Aletheia’s tweet?

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