Back in 2012, Cardinal George Pell of Australia debated atheist Richard Dawkins on TV, and there was a great moment when the cardinal called Dawkins out for questioning the meaning of “nothing.” It was a good point, the crowd laughed, and Cardinal Pell took a drink of his water while Dawkins stumbled.

That moment has now been immortalized with the “Thug Life” video meme. The “Thug Life” video meme (note that, as with all things on the Internet, some versions might be offensive or inappropriate) is when someone does something bold, there’s a freeze frame of the person, and rap music plays.

Here’s the “Thug Life” version of the moment:

Yeah, Cardinal Pell!

A.J. Bernard, YouTube / ChurchPOP
A.J. Bernard, YouTube / ChurchPOP

And here’s the full debate if you’d like to watch it:

Pray for the conversion of atheists!

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