President Donald Trump honored Pope St. John Paul II in a beautiful statement.

President Donald Trump commemorated Pope St. John Paul II’s first pilgrimage to Poland in 1979 in a White House statement. He particularly addressed the late pope’s first Mass during this pilgrimage on June 2, 1979.

“In his homily forty years ago, St. Pope John Paul II delivered a powerful message of hope…His words stood tall against the repressive forces of communism throughout Poland and the rest of Europe.

“He inspired courage in the hearts of millions of men and women to seek a better, freer life.”

President Trump also said “millions of people now live in freedom because of St. Pope John Paul II and his extraordinary life as a follower of Jesus Christ and a champion for human dignity and religious liberty.”

He added, “We celebrate this historic moment and reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that freedom always prevails.

“The United States and our allies stand united against the shackles of communism and as a beacon of liberty and prosperity throughout the world.”

President Trump concluded his statement, inviting the United States, along with First Lady Melania Trump, remember St. John Paul II, “whose poignant address stirred the soul of the Polish people and eventually helped tear down the Iron Curtain of communism in Europe.

“May we continue to be strengthened by his words and his call to God’s abundant compassion, strength, and glory.”

Watch President Trump’s speech below:

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Also watch a clip from JPII’s 1979 Poland visit:

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Let us pray for our president, and all world leaders, that they will lead us through Christ’s guidance!

St. John Paul II, please pray for us!

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