The debate about abortion isn’t merely about abortion. It is way bigger.

It is about the fate of the sexual revolution.

Abortion is a necessary part of sexual revolution. While mothers whose lives are endangered/rape and molestation cases are often cited, it is abortion as birth control that account for almost all abortions.

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Those who made billions, if not trillions, over the last several decades pimping the sexual revolution will throw every ounce of money they can to keep the march and the gravy train going forward.

Those who support the sexual revolution, which has returned humanity’s sense of the body and human sexuality back to pre-Christian paganism, will stop at nothing to continue.

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They will welcome with open arms clerics who further their ends; they will welcome those who call themselves Catholic but agree with them.

This is all about human sexuality, marriage, and family life. It always has been. 

It has always been about using any tool necessary to dissolve the family and redefine it until the word means nothing. They have been in the red zone for decades and are just yards away from the end zone.

Overturning Roe was just akin to sacking the quarterback and their losing yards…but they are still close.

Our Lady of Fatima said the last great battle would be over marriage and family. We’re here.

I caution very much against returning violence for violence. The early Church fought this battle and won…not through violence, but by sacrifice and suffering. They stood their ground. Their witness swerved an entire empire, and that same witness will again.

Know what we are up against and prepare accordingly.

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