This is so funny!

A few days ago, Chicago priest Fr. Dan Folwaczny felt his parish’s emergency phone buzz and quickly checked to see if someone was dying and needed last rites or had some other urgent need.

What he found was a bit of surprise, and he shared it on Twitter.

Here’s what he saw:

@frrocketdan, Twitter

The message on his phone reads: “Hi Jessica. Tim is history since yesterday. Why dont you bring Michael and his tall friend in Chipotle tonight? :) -Kim“. [sic]

Fr. Folwaczny’s tweet with the picture says: “This came to the parish emergency phone, not sure how to respond.

Lol! This is not the kind of thing you expect to get on a parish’s emergency phone!

People replying on Twitter had some funny ideas of how to respond.

“Kim, this is Jesus,” one person joked as a response.

“Text back the confession times,” another person recommended.

It turns out if you do a Google search of the message, you quickly find out that this kind of message is a known scam. Jessica, Kim, Tim aren’t real people. Scammers send these messages out at random hoping people will respond and then try to take advantage of them.

So be wary of random texts like this! Also: only call/text you parish’s emergency number if there’s a real emergency!

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