What a great way to evangelize!

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles recently shared his evangelization efforts on social media as we prepare for the Christmas season.

The parish priest posted multiple photos as he rearranged stockings, decorations, and other household items, spelling out religious messages. In two pictures, he spelled “God” with stockings and letters. In another photo, he spelled out “Jesus.”

He told one user that he rearranged items in multiple stores, including Hobby Lobby and Target.

Here’s his post below:

@FrGoyo, Twitter

Here’s the full size photos:

@FrGoyo, Twitter

@FrGoyo, Twitter

@FrGoyo, Twitter

Social media users expressed their enthusiasm regarding the post.

Here’s how some people reacted:

@JudyMcAferty, Twitter / @FrGoyo, Twitter

This user asked, “Were you rearranging everything at Hobby Lobby? 😂🤣”

Fr. Goyo responded, “Not only there, lol.”

The USCCB also responded with a GIF of applauding retail workers:

Click here if you cannot see the tweet above.

@GothLame, Twitter

This user added, “My favorite Catholic. You’re always good for a clean laugh, Padre. We need more people like you in the world.”

@ThatCatLadyKat, Twitter

Another user responded, “Someone who needs a ‘sign’ to go seek God will see this and go seek the Lord. This is great Father!!”

@dawnieeeeee, Twitter

This user added, “Excellante – Jesus is the reason for the season – keep CHRIST in Christmas.”


Let us keep Christ in Christmas! Thank you, Fr. Goyo!

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