The importance of Saint Joseph in the Church contrasts with the information that the Gospels tell us about him.

We have some information about his life during Jesus’ childhood, but he later disappears from the stories. Only the Gospels of Matthew and Luke mention him.

Although, thanks to private revelation, we can reconstruct some moments of his life.

The song of the Virgin Mary that moved Saint Joseph, according to this Catholic mystic

18th-century Italian nun Ven. Sister Maria Cecilia Baij received a particular revelation about the life of Saint Joseph that was published in a book of the same name.

This work received an imprimatur and nihil obstat from the Vatican, officially declaring it free from doctrinal and moral errors.

However, like all private revelation, no Catholic is obligated to believe it, but it can help us live our faith more fully.

In this book, Ven. Sister María Cecilia Baij narrates what animated Saint Joseph after he exhausted himself from intense work:

“Sometimes, when Joseph worked very strenuously, he would approach his spouse and ask her to condescend to sing for him a hymn in praise of God, and thereby relieve his weariness. The holy Virgin would readily comply with his requests. Her singing of the hymns of divine exaltation was so delightful that Joseph often was carried into ecstasy,” the sister explains.

“He once remarked to Mary: ‘My spouse, your singing alone is enough to bring comfort to every afflicted heart! What consolation you gave me through it! What relief for my weariness! What a great joy it is for me to hear you speak or sing!’”

“For the most holy Virgin, these words were the occasion for giving additional praise to God, the source of all that is good.”

“… ‘God has poured these graces into my heart,’ she told him, ‘in order that you might be comforted and obtain relief in your tribulations and affiliations.’ The saint’s love and gratitude to God expanded steadily and he continued to wonder at the virtue of his most holy spouse.””

How beautiful!

Holy Family, pray for us!

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