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As stated in a recent ChurchPOP article, St. John Vianney’s heart is incorrupt. He died on August 4, 1859. Amazing, huh?!

The patron of priests’ heart is normally kept for veneration at the Shrine of Ars in France, but it will tour the United States from Nov. 2018 – June 2019.

The Knights of Columbus kicked off the relic pilgrimage in Baltimore, Maryland on Nov. 10.

They’ve posted some of the future dates. Check them out below!

Here are the future dates:

New Haven, CT – Knights of Columbus Museum – 11/19/2018 to 11/25/2018

Hartford, CT – St. Joseph Cathedral – 11/28/2018

New Orleans, LA – St. Rita Catholic Church – 12/01/2018 to 12/02/2018

Pensacola, FL – Basilica of St. Michael – 12/03/2018 to 12/04/2018

Birmingham, AL – Cathedral of St. Paul – 12/06/2018

Atlanta, GA – Holy Spirit Catholic Church – 12/07/2018 to 12/08/2018

Washington, DC – Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – 12/09/2018 to 12/12/2018

Gales Ferry, CT – Our Lady of Lourdes Church – 12/13/2018

Baltimore, MD – Archdiocese of Baltimore – 1/7/2019 to 1/13/2019

The Knights of Columbus will add dates, so please check their website for new postings! Remember, the tour goes until June!

Also, check out this veneration of St. John Vianney’s relics below. It occurred in Dublin, Ireland in 2010. His heart is a first-class relic!

Veneration at St. John Vianney Parish in Dublin, Ireland

Will you go to the relic veneration?

St. John Vianney, patron of priests, pray for us!

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