Religious orders have been around for centuries and centuries, inspiring countless people to renounce a “normal” life and completely devote themselves to serving Christ and his Church. And these are some of their mottos.

Maybe they can inspire you, too?

1) Carthusians: “Stat crux dum volvitur orbis”

Translation: “The Cross is steady while the world is turning.”

2) Augustinians: “Anima una et cor unum in Deum”

Translation: “One heart and soul in God.”

3) Barnabites: “Caritas Christi urget nos”

Translation: “The love of Christ compels us.”

4) Jesuits: “Ad maiorem Dei gloriam”

Translation: “For the greater glory of God.”

5) Dominicans: “Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare”

Translation: “To Praise, To Bless, To Preach”

6) Franciscans: “Pax et bonum”

Translation: “Peace and the good.”

7) Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit: “Solus cum Deo solo”

Translation: “Alone with God alone.”

8) Benedictines: “Ora et labora”

Translation: “Pray and work.”

9) Carmelites: “Zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum”

Translation: “With zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of hosts.”

10) Adorno Fathers: “Ad maiorem Dei resurgentis gloriam”

Translation: “For the greater glory of the risen God.”

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